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DeFi is a complicated sector rife with opportunities and risks. The goal here is to keep everyone up to date on everything related to DeFi. As this evolves, there will be a little overlap with BowTiedBull (the Macro Team) and this source will help you find *your own* projects to farm and evaluate.

We will go through and value each coin as if a Wall Street professional was interested in investing. Similar to BTB there are roughly five contributing members and they are below: 1) BowTiedIguana - with a software background, 2) DeFiOwl, BowTiedBrain and BowTiedDuck with financial backgrounds and 3) BowTiedBull will continue to help write the content in the same tone/direct fashion and proof read the content. Since the future is decentralized, our *writing style* will distinguish the brand.

Our belief is that this industry will become a big part of our lives. Even if you wish to ignore it now, you’ll be forced to learn how to evaluate the protocols and invest yourself. Fortunately, most won’t take the time to understand the complicated changes so you’re in a great position to get ahead given the fast changing digital world we live in.

Emphasis, we will go through each coin one by one and all comments will focus on that coin/token. There will be *no* recommendations. DeFi is the future and if you’re looking for trades/TA charts there are many scams that will happily take your money. This stack is for getting you ahead of the pack + actually understanding each project from the ground up.

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Similar to BowTiedBull you’ll get direct access to the writers through the following: 1) various Q&A sessions, 2) acceptance of inbound questions to cover coins/farms, 3) detailed presentations designed as if presenting to a Wall Street professional and 4) potential to earn US Tokens through various promotions. Comments will be clearly labeled.

As an important note, please leave questions specific to *ONLY* the topic/coin covered. This way as new protocol upgrades become available we can address them in a single post and avoid derailment in the comments section.

If you’re on the fence, you will see an example of the content on BowTiedBull as well in July. We strongly recommend viewing the article on a PC/Desktop as we will use detailed slides to explain the projects.

As an important note, this is for people who are taking DeFi seriously. We’re going to spend hundreds of hours looking for all relevant info. We will give you the tools to look for projects yourself and on top of this, we might even build out some proprietary trackers that will be posted here.

The structure for DeFi is a bit more fluid since we have to answer a lot of questions per coin/topic. First an overview of it and how it works then the valuation and the issues related to it. As a rule of thumb we’ll publish every ~3 days or so with a mix of 1) coin overviews, 2) Q&A where we look up/find answers on your behalf and 3) market overview with new changes/updates

Similar to BowTiedBull, if you’re on the paid substack you’re looking at approximately 100-125 pages of content per month (a book worth) with the ability to ask anything you like along the way.

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